Thanks to our great Irish weather, indoor soft play centres have become big business and Play Services Ireland are here to help you make sure that your facilities are maintained to the right standards.

What are the standards?

The standards for indoor soft play areas are covered by EN1176 (Parts 1 and 10), EN1177 and BS8409 and an annual inspection is recommended.  Some insurers make it a requirement and signpost playground operators to Play Services Ireland to complete a report and minimise the risk of successful claims!

RPII Registered

Play Services Ireland are registered by the RPII for indoor inspections, as outlined here on their register of indoor inspectors.  Our Lead Inspector, Mel Campbell, is one of only two people in Ireland registered by the RPII to provide indoor annual inspections.  We provide this service throughout Ireland and are surprised to learn that, on occasions, operators are paying for inspectors to travel from mainland Britain when the service is available locally!

What will I receive?

Our annual indoor inspections service includes:

  • Detailed inspection of all relevant equipment and other associated issues such as social areas, child protection, fire safety, security and numerous other policies that venues should have in place
  • Detailed photographic evidence, particularly where non-compliance is identified
  • A comprehensive report, detailing all aspects of compliance or failure for each item of equipment – the report also includes a schedule of required maintenance work

A sample report can be downloaded here (link to download sample report in PDF)

Contact us today to discuss in more detail how we can minimise your risks and ensure that you are operating to industry best-practice.